Managing flaws in your bookkeeping practices-Avoid being in the red

 Managing flaws in your bookkeeping practices – Avoid being in the red

Think about when you first decided to start your own business. It must have appeared a daunting endeavor. So now that the initial stage is over, if you are still having frictions and challenges in running your business, you might be missing something, perhaps it might be your poor bookkeeping practices. How about you look at the best practices in bookkeeping and overcome flaws or things you are not already doing for your business to run smoothly.

Bookkeeping best practices

bookkeeping practices

  • Setting and Managing Due Dates & Deadlines
  • Properly Maintaining Payroll Taxation
  • Implementing Periodic Accounting
  • Hiring a Professional Accountant to Manage Complex Bookkeeping
  • Keeping Track of Revenue Reports
  • An organized Filing Cabinet
  • Staying Updated with Technology
  • Setting Aside Payroll Taxes Regularly

Follow a plan, stay organized

  • Record your receipts and invoices in numeric order.
  • Record due dates for payments and payables.
  • Maintain consistent records.
  • Keep daily records.
  • Keep proofs of transactions
  • Keep track of bank account statements
  • Maintain a petty cash box
  • Secure your paperwork


Having a professional bookkeeper can not only advise you about booking best practices, but can also help you grow your business.

bookkeeping practices

Raj Katlaria,  a professional and dedicated accountant in Surrey, BC, can  help your  business grow, by following bookkeeping best practices and   analyzing and finding the best possible solutions . Call, Raj Katlaria at 778-926-9226, to book a personal consultation or contact us by email with questions and concerns.